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Corporate Succession Planning (CSP) is used to manage pools of candidate personnel as they are nominated to fill selected executive positions in support of the USPS' Corporate Personnel Management. The system allows executives, managers and candidates to store and track key qualification data, including such information as education, work experience and history, and awards. CSP also provides USPS management with the tools necessary to identify any necessary development opportunities to help ensure each candidate's success and professional growth. It is linked to other key USPS database systems for sensitive information such as salary, merit status or disciplinary actions. CSP provides a wide array of reports for the top-level USPS executives to use in decision making on promotions and staff assignments. The initial versions of this system were developed using MS Access database and forms. A follow-on system developed using Cold Fusion and Oracle has been prototyped, incorporating the latest USPS-directed accessibility/508 compliance guidance.
CSP Functional Overview

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