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Secure Data Replication (SDR) is the term given to several related software development efforts at the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). The overall SDR goal is to provide an accreditable facility for passing database changes across security barriers. In general, a process that keeps the contents of two database synchronized is called "replication"; SDR provides an accreditable facility for automatic replication (no person in the loop) across a security barrier.

The Secure Data Replication facility replicates data in near real-time across security domains. For instance, data updated in SECRET level databases can be automatically sanitized and filtered based on content, with the appropriate subset being replicated to a target database at the CONFIDENTIAL level. The SDR facility is capable of fanning out changes from a master database to multiple target databases at different levels. It is also capable of replicating between dissimilar database targets either dissimilar data structures or database engines (Oracle, Sybase, Informix, etc.).

The SDR facility was developed by LUMINTEL for the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). It is coded almost entirely in Java and is platform and database vendor independent. The SDR facility is completely rules driven yielding a secure replication solution that can be configured for different databases and environments. This facility is used with multiple databases within ONI to provide intelligence data to partners and customers at different security levels.
SDR Functional Overview

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