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JMIE Support System (JSS): Since the inception of JSS, LUMINTEL has been involved in its ongoing development. The Joint Maritime Information Element (JMIE) is a consortium of government agencies formed specifically to share maritime intelligence information. The JMIE Support System was developed to act as a data repository to meet the storage and query needs of the JMIE members.

LUMINTEL assisted the government is developing the initial concept of operations for the JSS and validated it by prototyping the entire system. LUMINTEL also provided system engineering and program management support to the U.S. Coast Guard and the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) for ongoing JMIE Support System (JSS) operations and the migration and integration of the JSS into the National Maritime Intelligence Center (NMIC). These activities consisted of verification and validation of the JSS database design, contributions to technical working groups formed to discuss specific database development issues, verification of JSS requirements allocation, monitoring of contractor support activities, and development of a Transition Plan for use in fielding the JSS. LUMINTEL assisted in life cycle management by supporting the USCG and ONI with third party Operations & Maintenance (O&M) task management. Finally, LUMINTEL provided independent quality control of the system through participation on the Configuration Control Board (CCB), testing of changed software, review of document modifications, and continual audits of the database to ensure data integrity and accessibility.

LUMINTEL also provided Customer Service support for the JSS by providing expert knowledge of the JSS database and query capabilities to the JSS Customer Service office. This included answering complex database and query questions submitted by the user community to the Customer Service staff and developing and executing complex queries which were found to be beyond the normal operating capabilities of the JSS.

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